Every day Malone’s Town Justices make important decisions affecting the lives of people throughout our community. Justice Courts are often called, “the courts closest to the people.” Most justices in village and town courts throughout the North Country are not lawyers. They are men and women of fairness and common sense who want to serve their communities.

Justice Courts have a very broad, but limited jurisdiction. Malone Justices hear both civil and criminal cases. Small Claims is limited to $3000. In landlord/tenant proceedings the monetary jurisdiction is unlimited. The Town Court has jurisdiction over all misdemeanors, violations, and infractions; and arraignment and preliminary jurisdiction over felonies in the Town of Malone. Jury trials may be conducted.

Presiding on a part-time basis, the Malone Town Justices are actually on-call 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. It is not unusual for a Justice to process an arraignment during the middle of the night.

And the Justices are responsible for records of all proceedings, and the handling of monies taken in by the Court. While much of this work is performed by Court Clerks, Justice are responsible for all the Court Clerk’s activities and functions.