Carl Sherwin Supports Martha

To the editor (of the Telegram):

I have known Martha Weaver for approximately six years. During that time, I have been impressed by her integrity, compassion and attention to detail. She is an excellent organizer and a careful researcher.

I also had an opportunity to hear her respond to a questioner who asked her if she would assure him that if the questioner did not approve of a person, she would support him in removing that person from the neighborhood and town. I was appalled, because to me the question smacked of the Nazi treatment of Jews during the 1930s and 40s or the U.S. treatment of Japanese-Americans in internment camps in the years of World War II. I thought the question smacked of fascist tendencies, but Martha treated the questioner with logic and kindness. She simply stated that all people had to be treated equally and fairly under the law, regardless of whether the neighbors approved of them or not.

I believe her response was reflective of her ability to respond thoughtfully, even judiciously, in the face of passion. It is the type of calm and considered response of a person who has the qualities to be a fair and impartial judge.

Based on my observations and experience of her common sense, temperament and fairness, I support Martha Weaver for town justice.

Carl Sherwin