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What Martha Says

When you live in Malone NY you live in a Town and a Village with a deep sense of history and community. You can count on your neighbors to attend hockey games, shop at your church craft fair, volunteer to deliver meals on wheels, donate school scholarships, help out when a tree blows down in your driveway, and so much more. I have brought people together to find solutions and get things done because it takes everyone pitching in together to make a difference.

When friends in Canada ask me where I live and I say Malone, many immediately recognize Titus Family Ski Center and the Malone Golf Club. The Salmon River, a premier fly fishing stream running through the middle of the Town, the Wilder Homestead nearby, and the gateway to the Adirondack Park, to mention just a few of our community’s assets, are a strong base for a tourism economy. Organizations within the community like the Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Malone, and Franklin County already are promoting Malone; and we can do so much more without spending additional money.

Tourism alone is not enough for a vibrant community. Cornell Cooperative Extension, Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, the historic Franklin County Fair, all are located in Malone making our community the center of Franklin County’s agricultural economy. Protecting our agricultural resources is important for our future.

Solar Energy
We all support renewable energy done at a scale appropriate to the community, and projects that meet community standards and contribute to everyone’s well-being. Unfortunately projects like the one proposed by Geronimo Energy provide little benefit to our community. This article by Calvin Luther Martin presents, in a colorful way, the story. I understand the bureaucratic and political processes that the town must navigate as this and similar projects go forward.

Building Renovation
Malone has many beautiful historic buildings. While many that are in disrepair are within the Village boundary, the Town can work with the Village, school district and other organizations to continue obtaining grants and enforcing codes to increase property values and make Malone attractive for investment. I will bring my experience with grant writing and funding for major infrastructure projects to the Town Council position.

Malone Airport and Industrial Park
The airport and adjacent industrial park are perfect for siting new industrial development. The Town website needs to be updated to feature these resources so that people looking to locate businesses can see what is available.

The Malone Town Supervisor and Board are responsible to the people of Malone for how tax dollars the Town collects are spent. Keeping taxes a low as possible while providing necessary services are a continuing challenge that require the Supervisor and Board to work closely together.

Martha is out talking with the people of Malone – check back for more information soon.