Town Supervisor Howard Maneely

I am asking the Malone voters to support Martha Weaver for Malone Town Council.

I first met Martha 15 years ago when Franklin County hired her as The Empire Zone director. She assisted the town and village of Malone with the area that would qualify for Empire Zone benefits. She held this position until New York state did away with The Empire Zone.

In the past, Martha was a manager and councilor in the city of Port Oxford, Oregon, In that position, she supervised the chief of police and public works superintendent (water, sewer and roads). She further gained knowledge and experience that will directly benefit our community as a town councilor.

Martha was the chairperson of the village of Malone Efficiency Study Committee. Based on this committee work, Malone residents voted to remain a village, and the town and village committed to expand more shared services.

I truly believe that Martha, with her experience, would make an excellent Town Board member and work to make Malone a better place to live.

Howard Maneely, Malone Town Supervisor