Village Trustee Norm Bonner

As we here in Malone enter the final weeks of election season, it seems to me that our town is, once again, fortunate to have some very good people seeking to serve the community. Each candidate has unique qualifications and will bring to the position dedication and a lifetime of experience.

I write today to highlight the wealth of experience Martha Weaver will bring to the Malone Town Council. Matha comes to our town from Port Orford, Oregon, where she served as a city councilor and administrator. While there, she was successful in updated the city’s infrastructure and enhancing their rec park. Since coming east, she has continued her public service as manager of the Franklin County Empire Zone, manager of the SBA Women’s Business Center and chair of the Village Efficiency Study.

Martha has always considered concerns from all sides and has remained a voice of reason in times of stress. I strongly believe that her ability to look at issues with a fresh viewpoint will benefit the citizens of Malone, and I urge all to vote for Martha Weaver for Malone Town Council.

Norman J. Bonner III